White label IPTV platform with Subscription, Custom player and native OTT  Android TV apps for on-demand, radio and linear broadcasting

Cast-TV offers an array of software applications and productivity tools to complement our IPTV white label platform, ensuring seamless interface with existing applications. Cast-TV will set up the end-to-end OTT IPTV solution designed for cloud TV operators and will also setup subscribers, PPV business rules and oversee the entire Pay-Tv subscription activity.

Cast-TV OTT solutions

We setup a Private CDN on your local Data centers, The Private CDN is working on a unique cloud base management platform advanced software and hardware technologies, and full interaction with our CMS

Our modular end-to-end TV platform designed for scale and reliability

Content preparation

  • Encoding/transcoding live and VOD media in H.264 and also H.265 multi-bitrates ABR to allow your end-users to get the best content based on their actual available bandwidth and to adapt to changing network conditions by adaptive bitrate switching at the client side video player.
  • Packaging transcoded media in several IPTV and OTT streaming video formats, such as Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) which is nowadays the de-facto standard for all screen and can be played-back on all devices and OS. Other formats may include Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) streams and HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS).
  • Multi-DRM media or content encryption, relating to an external DRM service platform and Secure HLS streams with AES-128 external encryption
  • Live Catch up TV, offering full live playback control, allowing them to navigate via 6 hour time buffer or start over via EPG.

CDN - Content delivery Network

Once prepared using OTT streaming media formats at the output stage of our video head-end, content is delivered to the audience on the internet in multiple ways, with several optional features:

  • IP ingest to publish the OTT content, using RTMP publishing points, such as YouTube Live
  • CDN ingest to your propriety network to the origin servers at the local Delivery Network
  • Content protection using Token Authentication mechanism and AES-128 encryption, blocking content sharing from a legitimate user and avoiding unauthorized user.
  • CDN - Worldwide delivery through a global CDN, low latency delivery, Token Protection for secured delivery using HTTPS/SSL/TLS and Protection against Ddos attack.
  • Geo-blocking to block access to content per country Input - TS over IP (unicast or multicast, UDP or RTP), SRT Input, caller or listener mode, Seamless input redundancy
  • Output -  TS over IP (unicast or multicast),  SRT Output, caller or listener, Adjustable latency, Multi-client and Stream Encryption

Transmit your live streams to CDN

You can perfectly use cast-TV CMS with your own SRT or RTMP streams, we can also provide our own SRT gateway that will take your live multicast streams from your premises.< : 0px; pointer-events: auto;">Input can configure by 5 regions , Slate / Europe USA  Asia for optimizing latency and QoE, RTMP, SRT, Caller Mode, SRT, Listener Mode, stream encryption.

Usage reporting

Thanks to client-side statistics on our video player this allows you to easily discover when your prime time is on and for how long your audience is watching, it also connect to your Google analytics account.

Advanced features

More advanced features are supported by Cast-TV Cinemator TV Everywhere:

  • Multiple audio tracks support for live TV (input and OTT streaming output)
  • Subtitles and closed caption support for live TV (input and OTT streaming output)
  • Cue in / Cue out support for content/ad replacement, such as SCTE-35 triggers input and output content discontinuity markers i, allowing the implementation of live stream stitching for cloud-side ad replacement, dynamic ad insertion (DAI) and targeted advertising.
  • Live-to-catch-up TV service and  cloud PVR video recording, based on external cue in / cue out triggers, such as the live TV electronic program guide.

IPTV / OTT Business models

Cast-TV allows you to implement different models, such as: supported, 3 days free-trail view with registration, subscription Pay-TV, free Tv base on advertising and SVOD.

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