Cinemator middleware - allows you to experience TV anywhere, anytime on any device!

Cinemator™ IPTV middleware offers customized TV interface applications and is adaptable for multiple device types: Set-Top Box, PC/Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone; for multiple Operating Systems - Apple iOS, Google Android and for various manufacturers, like Apple, LG, Samsung, etc. For multiple content types - Live, VOD, facebook, facebook Games, news.  

  • Endless TV Channels: Featuring sports, comedy, history, fashion, cartoons, lifestyle, travel and so much more.
  • VOD Movies Catalog: Create your own movie theatre at home, just bring the popcorn.
  • Music: Organize your favorite music playlists.
  • Gamers: Watch and learn from the very best gamers in the world.
  • Linear Channels: info and movie meta data, Catch-UP TV via EPG OEM player, different colors and Multi languages
  • Social Media: Facebook integration, your wall games and more 
  • Cinemator: Whether, sports, finance news from any country around the world.

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We deliver Turn-Key IPTV solutions for ISPs, mobile operators and media companies

Cinemator™ Allows you to enjoy your TV experience anywhere, anytime and on any device

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