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Custom IPTV apps, Live Broadcast and VOD for Samsung, LG, IOS and Android and Set-Top box at same home Subscription We update you daily on the releases of new devices and operating systems. In this dynamic technology landscape keeping track of every little change can help you reach a wider range of audiences. Your video content will be displayed on any device/OS: Cellular, PC, TV, Android, Windows mobile, iPod, iPhone, TV set-top box  and more! 

  • Android Set-Top box App
  • Apple IPhone and IOS tablets Apps
  • Responsive and friendly user interface
  • Smart TV App
  • Android phone and tablets Apps

Cast-TV amdroid STB TV box and mobile phone Applications

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We deliver Turn-Key IPTV solutions for ISPs, mobile operators and media companies

Cinemator™ Allows you to enjoy your TV experience anywhere, anytime and on any device

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