Turnkey Solution for Educational Broadcast 

Provides teachers with a variety of online learning materials for advanced teaching strategies

Key advantage

The system enables standardization of high level content and high quality of teaching, (McKinsey report, 2007) and makes it accessible to the remote areas of the country and disadvantaged peripheral groups. 
To enhance quality teaching and as a tool for teacher training and empowerment our unique solution can offer the following:

  • Live video lesson programs accessible to all (live broadcast)
  • A live broadcast channel (or slot) for each age group
  • An archive library of recorded lessons for each age group
  • An archive library of exercises and solutions in all major disciplines ( Math, Science, English, etc).Around the clock utilization: Whereas in the morning expert teachers create lessons, in the evening students will use the system to prepare video content of questions and solutions for the same pupils (most relevant to secondary education).

PC, Mac, Android and IOS player

Users Segmentation

Teachers in small or remote schools can use the live and recorded lessons in their classrooms, mediating the content to the students and practicing them with the material taught.

Students in secondary education will be able to enhance their studies by the support of the best teachers available. The system is accessed by computers, smartphones, or in community centers where the portal can be connected through large screens centers or smartphones. (Any screen with internet)

Teachers' long life learning is an essential part of the solution. Dedicated channels opened for teachers only can be used maintain continuous teacher training throughout the country.

The solution includes

  • Setup broadcast studios, software and control systems
  • Setup CMS for manage recorded content live broadcasts
  • Setup CDN that includes ABR broadcasting technology any screen for thousands of viewers
  • Training and implementation
  • Technical accompaniment
  • Pedagogical support

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