White Label Multi Screen Turnkey IPTV Platform 


IPTV Platform

Private label IPTV platform, advanced video solutions based on outstanding video expertise including CRM, billing system, video compression, CDN distribution and infrastructure, storage, Cinemator content management and software applications.


A wide variety of copyright and legal Linear TV channels, movies, kids, sports, news, series and learning channels as well as a wide selection VOD library. 


Comprehensive front-to-back deliverables throughout the entire process from implementation to operation functionality to ongoing system support.

Why IPTV and not Broadcast?

  • Two-way data flow (VOD)
  • Dedicated CDN 
  • Tailored channels & advertising
  • Combined monitoring and CRM functions
  • ITV content and OTT live viewing options
  • Highest quality to enjoy content anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Why Cast-TV?

  • Fully customizable and localizable IPTV Portal
  • Quality legal content & Rich TV Guide
  • CRM fully integrated Subscriber Management, Billing system, Analytics and Reporting Tool 
  • Fully integrated Content Management System (CMS)
  • CDN Management and Control tools
  • Vast or In-house Advertising System

IPTV Platform Challenges

Delivering video streams at high quality and minimal delay is a major technical challenge. Designing and implementing point to point video transmission requires specialized engineering expertise and extensive experience in integrating complex systems.

Over the top (OTT) solutions that harness the power of the internet to deliver sophisticated services that customers appreciate. The broad array of services enabled by IPTV include content delivery, live channels, VOD, social applications, gaming, internet connection, time shift TV, network PVR, DRM, content management and more.

Our mission is to give you the peace of mind to focus on growing your IPTV business.

IPTV platform Solutions

Cast-TV provides advanced video contribution solutions based on outstanding video expertise and worldwide experience in installing video contribution for a wide variety of purposes. Our skilled team studies the needs of each customer and designs a customized solution that covers all aspects of video handling, including compression, distribution, storage, decoding, content management and archiving.

Cast-TV offers comprehensive solutions for IPTV OTT providers looking to implement a cutting-edge OTT service, that delivers reliable and high quality of live and on demand streaming to any connected device.                                                                                           Our solutions include:

  • ABR (adaptive bit rates) encoders and transcoders
  • Long tail storage
  • CDN Origin and edge servers
  • HTTP caching
  • Video encryption and DRM implementation (digital right management)
  • Protection against ddos attack 

Cast-TV white label STB TV box and android App

Custom TV application

IPTV Platform Core Technology Tools 

CDN for IPTV platform

CMS for IPTV platform

CRM for IPTV platform

Custom TV website

Cinemator  - Experience TV anywhere, anytime and on any device!

Cinemator allows your to feature a wide range of applications well customized for multiple device types: Set-Top Box, PC/Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone; for multiple Operating Systems - Apple iOS, Google Android and for various manufacturers, like Apple, LG, Samsung, etc. For multiple content types - Live, VOD, facebook, facebook Games, news. 

  • Endless TV Channels: Featuring sports, comedy, history, fashion, cartoons, lifestyle, travel and so much more.
  • VOD Movies Catalog: Create your own movie theatre at home, just bring the popcorn.
  • Music: Organize your favorite music playlists.
  • Gamers: Watch and learn from the very best gamers in the world.
  • Linear Channels: info and movie meta data
  • Catch-UP TV via EPG OEM player, different colors and Multi languages
  • Social Media: Facebook integration, your wall games and more
  • Current Event Updates: Whether, sports, finance news from any country around the world

About us

Cast-TV, a member of the BitRate Group, was established in 2005. The company specializes in providing professional video solutions for Over the Top and Internet Provider Television Video (IPTV), Our added value lies in our ability to not only to provide  diverse and quality content to various viewing markets, but also to offer a unique technology infrastructure.  We provide the most advanced technology as a video delivery and CDN channel , providing an end-to-end solution for cellular phone carriers, cable operators and ISP’s seeking to enhance their product offering to their current and new subscribers and enter the IPTV industry.

Our Competitive Advantage

Cast-TV’s clear advantage is evident in the fact that it was established primarily as a technology company that provides end-to-end solutions for any IPTV carrier or operator. Not only do we provide customizable content, a cutting edge platform, complementary productivity software and middleware tools, our dedicated team provide superior maintenance and support. By saving them time and money, our clients are able to focus on providing the best user experience for their subscribers without having to deal with technical support and maintenance issues. 

Our Target Market

  • Telecommunications Companies 
  • Cable Operators
  • ISP’s
  • Mobile phone operators
  • Content Providers

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We deliver Turn-Key IPTV solutions for ISPs, mobile operators and media companies

Cinemator™ Allows you to enjoy your TV experience anywhere, anytime and on any device

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