Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q. Do you provide a free service? 

A. Unlike Extreme Server vendors, as a legal licensee and sub-licensee, we are contractually obligated to our content owners. This affords us to provide flawless and ongoing streaming transmission without any video disruptions or buffering delays.

Q. Do you offer VOD content as well as live TV channels?

A. Yes, we can offer content of a wide selection of VOD genres as well as live TV. We can acquire a wide range of quality content (sports, TV series, kids, learning etc.) based on the needs of each client.   

Q. Do you possess the ownership or distribution rights of the video content? 

A.  Cast-TV offers an IPTV platform for video providers. We can secure and deliver video content to meet our clients' needs. However, we do not own any video content. We do not have any ownership or distribution rights of the content. Being that we offer our proprietary user interface platform, we strictly act as a facilitator between content owners and video providers.  

Q. How will the TV traffic impact our network?

A. All TV and video channels are multicast across the network so the level of traffic does not increase with the number of viewers. All channels will be present on the backbone of the network and the amount of traffic generated can be calculated as the number of channels multiplied by the bit rate channel. For example, if 10 channels are required at a bit rate of 4.0 Mbps, (Megabits per second) the total bandwidth utilized will be 4.0 Mbps.Multicast management protocols ensure that streams that are not required on a particular network segment are not forwarded to that segment. This means for instance, that only one stream is present on the local switchboard connection to an individual PC running IPTV since only one channel is displaying at a time on that one PC. 

Q. Can we choose which channels we have enabled?

A. Yes. Cast-TV's IPTV distribution solution allows you to create a tailored channel selection.

 Q. Will an increase in users affect our network?

A. No. Because the IPTV system uses Multicasting to distribute the video streams you can have as many users connected as you wish and it will not make any difference to the amount of bandwidth used.

Q. Can we have the IPTV user interface customized to our corporate brand, as a white label product?

A. Yes. The Cast-TV IPTV user interface can be customized to include your corporate colors and branding. We can design a white label platform and the most advanced multi-screen systems that are available on the market today. 

Q. Is there any difference in quality when viewing IPTV compared with traditional TV distribution technologies?

A. Yes. The streaming video channels of IPTV are digital which means they do not suffer the deterioration caused in traditional analogue distribution systems producing a noticeably better quality picture. An IPTV Gateway streams the TV signals received from Freeview or satellite without change which means the quality is exactly the same as transmitted. IPTV encoders with either analogue or digital inputs in a variety of formats can be set to stream at a high rate for highest quality or a low rate for minimum bandwidth.

Q. How easy is it to add more channels in the future?

A. Adding channels to a Klicktv IPTV system is simple. Just add another IPTV encoder for a local source or gateway module for Terrestrial or Satellite channels and plug it into a spare port on your network switch.

Q.  Are there any distance limitations?

A. Distance limitations are the same as for standard Ethernet. Wherever you can install a data network outlet IPTV will work.

Q. What is the recommended browsing speed for viewing video content via OTT?

A. You can view video at all speeds. However, to make the most out of your viewing experience, it is recommended that you ensure your surfing package offers at least 5 MB.

Q. What sets Cast-TV apart from other IPTV players on the market?

A. Cast-TV delivers a comprehensive IPTV turnkey solution. We have invested our resources into simplifying the complex technology built around IPTV infrastructure and software. As a client, you will benefit of having a designated single point of contact that will help to equip you with the necessary know-how and lay out for you our end to end responsibilities from start to finish.

Q. Do you offer your services to private individuals?

A. No, our services are designed for video providers, such as telco carriers, cable operators, and ISP's that offer an OTT and IPTV service to their subscribers.

Q. Do you offer any productivity and security software tools to complement your IPTV platform?

A. We offer state-the-art fully custmizable and localizable IPTV Portal, a fully integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) featuring subscriber and billing management, CMS (Customer Monitoring System) to generate subscriber viewing traffic and connectivity volume, CDN (Content Delivery Management) to control content restrictions and periodic content updating, as well as a software protection tool against malicious ddos hardware and software attacks., pub-9957064325957101, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0