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We deliver a hassle-free turnkey end-to-end solution for launching and growing your IPTV business, by providing OTT and IPTV platforms while offering your subscribers diverse content for a personalized TV experiences anywhere, anytime and on any device.  And best of all - it's Totally Free! 

With our own developed TV2GO platform, you have a ready-made TV product that can be launched in very little time, helping you  deliver the best TV experience to your subscribers, without having the need to charge any subscription fees.

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Our Go-to-Market - South Africa

The confluence of Mobile Video Consumption and Digital Ad Spending is at an inflection point, making the SA market ripe for IPTV capitalization  "The telecommunications sector is one of the largest industries in South Africa. For the year ending March 2017, the industry generated about ZAR 135.9 BILLION in revenue". (ICASA Report, 2017).

 Two primary factors are changing the face of the mobile space in South Africa 

  1. Mobile Video Consumption "South Africa ranks as SECOND GLOBALLY in video consumption on smartphones. By 2020, mobile video will account for 73% of MOBILE DATA TRAFFIC". (TheMediaOnline, 2017).
  2. Investment in Improved Infrastructure "Mobile operators have made SIGNIFICANT NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTEMENT to be able carry the vast volumes of data transmitted by bandwidth-intensive applications and platforms". (The State of ICT in SA, 2017).

The Perfect Storm — Digital Advertising Demand Meets Mobile Consumption

"DIGITAL AD SPENDING Digital ad spending in South Africa by 36% over the last 12 months to ZAR 3.4 Billion with mobile driving this growth, posting a 60% year-on-year increase in ONLINE AD SPENDING, and a 22% increase in SEARCH SPENDING". (According to IAB/PWC Report, 2017) 

The Win-Win Model 

    Advertising Geberated Income for Free TV (AGI)

      We believes in embracing the Free Advertising Generated Income business model for its maximum monetization and scalability capacity, while offering Freemium TV, an unnumbered quality of free diverse linear and non-linear channels to the users. Combined with its aggressive Revenue Sharing plan with its telcos partners, this model guarantees a Win-Win formula all parties.

      We deliver Turn-Key IPTV solutions for ISPs, mobile operators and media companies

      Cinemator™ Allows you to enjoy your TV experience anywhere, anytime and on any device

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