CINEMATOR™ enables you to easily create your own playlist, broadcasting schedule, manage your TV account and so much more. Create a customised TV experience for every member of your family.

Never miss another program again! Only CINEMATOR™ gives you full control over what you watch and when you watch it! With a vast supply of rich content, CINEMATOR™ is your gateway to hundreds of exciting TV channels, VOD movies, music, news, games, radio and more!


In minutes, CINEMATOR’s™ easy-to-use interface enables you to easily create your own personalized TV experience!

CINEMATOR™ gives you:
TV channels: Hundreds of TV channels featuring sports, comedy, history, fashion, cartoons, lifestyle, travel and so much more.
VOD movies: Create your own movie theatre at home, just bring the popcorn!
Music: Organize your favorite music playlists.
Gamers: Watch and learn from the very best gamers in the world!
News: Never be out of touch with current events with multiple news channels, from around the world, to choose from!
Home schooling: The perfect place to create an extensive customized scholastic curriculum.


Program Guide and Playlist:
A rich Program Guide with a built-in easy-to-use playlist feature!
Catch-up TV and Start over: Watch programs aired days earlier or scheduled to be shown in the future, as well as restarting programs already in progress.
My Account: Complete control over your billing information, profile and playlists.
Parental restrictions: Create parental restrictions. CINEMATOR™ allows you to enjoy


The White Label Live TV Network portal is designed to be easily and seamlessly integrated into your company brand, from logo placement to trademark colors. The integrated Advertising System gives you full control over banner and ad design, placement and viewing scheduling, as well as pre-roll (video ads) screening. From the point of view of the user, the TV Network portal is a welcoming, easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate gateway into a world of entertainment and information.





We have Service Centers in the United States and Europe that can provide you with nearly any channel from nearly anywhere in the world. We will be happy to furnish additional satellite links according to your needs. YouTube and other free content To bring even more value to your TV network, you can add literally hundreds of channels of never-ending video content from YouTube and other free video aggregators. Imagine offering a non-stop selection of music channels for every taste, how-to videos on every subject, along with videos in every genre and every language in the world! Take advantage of the Cast-TV system Now it’s time to harness the power of the Cast-TV system! Cast-TV is the only company to offer you one of the most technologically superior OTT IPTV systems available on the market today! The system has a fully customizable and localizable IPTV Portal, CRM fully integrated Subscriber Management, fully integrated Content Management System (CMS), CDN Management and Control tools, in-house Advertising System, Analytics and Reporting Tool and EPG system. It’s the comprehensive EPG system that Cast-TV is most proud of! This EPG system, the only one of its kind on the market today, allows you to create an unlimited number of linear
TV channels with the professional look and feel of a true TV network. The EPG system enables you to easily and freely organize and arrange your channels according to your subscribers’ changing tastes and viewing habits. We put complete control of your TV network all at your fingertips!cast_tv_crm

Latest News

  • 29-05-2014 There is a new easy and affordable way to watch TV online! We present a unique service that offers a package of more than 50 popular TV channels to watch live.
  • 04-01-2014 Azerbaijan launches OTT service Author Rebecca Hawkes says: A new over-the-top (OTT) video service is to be launched on 15 January 2014 by the Azerbaijan Government-run Information Computing Centre.”
  • 30-12-2013 The Information Computing Center (ICC) of the Ministry of Communications and Information is going to launch new internet TV through Over-The-Top (OTT) technology.


"Dear CAST-TV Crew,
I am glad to inform you that we have got very positive reply's all over the world, LATAM. Japan, Europe, Chile etc.
Everything went smoothly!
Thank you for your work and contribution to live cast seccess."

Alexander Lakhovsky ,Teva